A Fringe Festival Experience

6 -11 August, English Theatre Milan is once again organizing a curated theatre experience at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

For a newcomer, a first trip to the Edinburgh Festival can be truly daunting.

One might not know which plays to choose from the thousands of plays on offer.

Thanks to the long professional experience of our specialists, English Theatre Milan looks forward to assisting you in getting the best out of this trip.

To allow you to enjoy a special Edinburgh Fringe experience shared with other like-minded theatre lovers, we will carefully select five plays, accompanied by pre-performance introductions and post-performance discussions in some of the most important venues in Edinburgh.

English Theatre Milan’s META24 visit includes:

To take part in this curated Edinbugh Theatre package we ask you to make a donation of €350, ETM membership included.  Current members: €300. 

This sum does not include the cost of theatre tickets, flights, accommodation or meals although we will pre-purchase tickets for you for each show, to be reimbursed by 15th July. Ticket costs for 5 shows are estimated at about €100.

The above services will be reserved exclusively to members of the group.  The group will not exceed fifteen participants. For the Welcome Dinner and assistance in reaching the venues, the group will be divided into two or three small groups with regular meeting points during the trip to make the Edinburgh Fringe a more intimate experience.

Places are limited, so book early! Accommodation and flights also sell out quickly at this time of year. Please ask for the detailed programme.

Write to to book and for further details. 

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