English Theatre Milan is a non-profit association set up by Maggie Rose, Sal Cabras, Julia Holden in 2019.

It aims to bring top quality theatre in English to Milan and also produce its own plays and shows, involving native speakers of English and bilingual actors. ETM curates and promotes other activities, such as open rehearsals, meetings with authors and companies, creative writing and performance workshops, run by established practitioners. We are also developing a challenging and innovative schools project on and offline, involving theatre makers from the UK, Italy and elsewhere.

We hope that many people, who enjoy the shows, will want to get involved in our other activities and decide to become ETM members. We welcome members of all ages and backgrounds, with a specific emphasis on young people from Milan and Lombardy. Our association intends to create an English speaking theatre community, based on the active participation of its members. Since we do not have our own theatre, ours is a theatre without walls that operates in a variety of theatres throughout the city and in site specific venues.

ETM’s website and a regular Newsletter keep its followers up to date with forthcoming events and shows and we invite members to contribute with their suggestions and ideas.

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“I was thrilled and honoured to be invited to present several shows in Italy with English Theatre of Milan in several beautiful theatres - Filodramatici and Teatro Litta and Teatro Gerolimo with The Devil’s Passion, Shylock, A Christmas Carol and Scaramouche Jones, and to work so closely with Julia, Margaret and Sal and to sample the delights of Milan and their wonderful hospitality. It really is a pleasure to bring theatre to a cultured and diverse audience that loves the English language in all its glory!”
Guy Masterson
director, actor and dramatist
Having been fortunate enough to act and direct in several other European cities with a flourishing English Theatre, it was a real pleasure to be in at the launch of Milan’s enterprise. Visiting the city again, with my production of “My Darling Clemmie” at the exquisite Gerolamo Theatre, I was reminded what a vibrant theatre scene and what responsive audiences the city has to offer. I am sure the MET (or whatever the right acronym might be?) will go from strength to strength.
It was a great pleasure for me to be invited to present a masterclass with The English Theatre of Milan. Maggie Rose, Sal Cabras and their colleagues have a deep knowledge and understanding of theatre and how & why it works. They are erudite, serious and also blessed with a great sense of humour! I am very impressed with the high level of professionalism they approach their work with, and by the excellent quality of those who subscribed to the masterclass. While I was very happy to be given this opportunity, I received great rewards through the perceptive responses of the participants. I would recommend this experience to any other theatre practitioner.
Matthew Zajac
actor and producer

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