In-house Productions

An Online Show

Writers and Directors Maggie Rose and Sal Cabras

Cast: Harriet Carnevale, Giacomo Carson, Mary Chater, Maria Coduri, Simone De Martis, Anna Dyshleva, Cristina Ferrajoli, Giulia Sarah Gibbon, Louise Kissane, Siddhesh Krishnan, Irene Panni, Federica Taddei, Mark Worden.
Online open rehearsal, 20 December 2020

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Attempts on her life

Martin Crimp’s play, Attempts on her life
Federica Taddei and Simone Martis in a mise-en-espace of the scene “Porno”, from Martin Crimp’s play, Attempts on her life; Orosey, 23 September 2020

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