In-house Production

On Zoom: Saturday 24 April at 6pm (Rome time)

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Shakespeare’s Conflict Zones, an online production in streaming. At the beginning of the show, there will be a foyer meeting,
while after, there will be a Q&A.

In Shakespeare’s Conflict Zones, unfolding in the present lockdown, rising star and theatre director Peter Martin is in
meltdown; he’s broke and his private life is in a mess. In a desperate gesture, he pulls his full scale production of
Romeo and Juliet from a leading theatre. Grabbing a pair of scissors, Peter sets about cutting Shakespeare’s plays in
pieces. What emerges is an online show, exploring those interpersonal conflicts – including good old rows and
psychological and physical battles – that Shakespeare so brilliantly invented and are so deeply insightful of human
psychology. As Peter, with the help of his assistant Fleur Taylor, rehearses some of these conflictual scenes from the
Taming of the Shrew, Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, he realises that Shakespeare has
mysteriously come to his rescue. He begins to understand better his own personal crisis and that of millions of others
in today’s Covid-stricken world.

Writers and Directors Maggie RoseandSal Cabras

Cast: Harriet Carnevale, Giacomo Carson, Courtney Keeling-Greenlaw, Maria Coduri, Simone De Martis, Anna
Dyshleva, Cristina Ferrajoli, Giulia Sarah Gibbon, Irene Panni, Federica Taddei, Conrad Williamson.

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