ETM schools programme in partnership with the Out Off Theatre, Milan.

Coordinators:  profs., Valeria Nobile and Ilde Incorviati

for Students

Are you a secondary school teacher looking for a project to involve your students in? English Theatre Milan may have the solution for you. ETM in collaboration Teatro Out Off are proud to present Box and Cox, an amusing Victorian farce by John Maddison Morton, adapted and directed by Sal Cabras and Maggie Rose. The show will be performed at the Out Off Theatre and is also ready to go on tour in schools from November 2020. The props and costumes fit in a suitcase, so wherever your school is we can reach you. Box and Cox is particularly suitable for secondary school students, as it is entertaining but also addresses issues, such as migration, identity and family, all of which can be linked to your school’s programme. Moreover, students will become acquainted with several varieties of spoken English, thanks to our bilingual cast of Harriet Carnevale (Box), Giacomo Carson (Cox) and Maria Coduri and Anna Dyshleva (Mrs Bouncer).

The fifty-minute performance can be followed by a workshop (one or two hours) organised by Maggie Rose, a specialist in British theatre and performance, together with the actors. Students will have the opportunity to directly experience the different theatrical languages (body language, voice and music) by performing a few scenes from Box and Cox, together with a chance to practice some different accents and varieties of the English language, while reflecting on why theatre is still a powerful and significant medium in our technological age.

Valeria Nobile, Ilde Incorvati

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